Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak: What Will Happen?

Coronavirus is wreaking havoc across the globe. It is a matter of concern and those who are in the middle of bankruptcy cases may have more to worry about. However, you must know that the courts are open; their mode of operations have changed though.

People are discouraged to visit the courtrooms. Teleconferencing is the way to go as for now. Judges are hearing cases telephonic ally.

If your case for Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Ontario is pending, you need not worry because courts are open. However, courts have taken measures to avoid in-person hearings and to practice social distancing.

341 Meetings

341 Meetings of creditors that were scheduled in March and April are rescheduled. It is in the safety of the court staff and you that you avoid visiting the courthouse amidst the Coronavirus outbreak.

Be in constant touch with your lawyer. The court will issue a new hearing date.

Other hearings

Hearings such as motion and confirmation calendars are scheduled to continue. However, you mustn’t appear in person. The courts are holding all hearings telephonic ally.

It is advised that you do not attend any hearing in-person. If you are doubtful about what to do and your pending bankruptcy case is giving you sleepless nights, call your Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Ontario for guidance. Several of the hearings actually do not require the client to be present. The lawyer handles them.

Virtual, no physical

As a precautionary measure against the spreading virus, courts have issued a notice that you do not require to sign papers physically at your attorney’s office. (Signing papers physically is called “wet signature.”) You can now conduct legal proceedings with your lawyer over the phone. He or she will send you papers to sign electronically. You can then return the signed papers via fax, mail, or email. Once the lawyer receives the papers, he or she will file your case.

People with Chapters 7, 11, 12, or 13 cases are advised to use video conferencing to move their cases further.

Trustee audits

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the United States Trustee Program (USTP) has declared the suspension of assigning new individual bankruptcy Chapter 7 and 13 cases for audit for an indefinite period as of now. Under this suspension, you need not contact your attorney in person.

Keep in touch with your Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Ontario

One of the smart things to do, especially during the pandemic, is to keep in touch with your bankruptcy lawyer. They are aware of whatever is happening in the court. You need not panic because your case is pending. The proceedings are on; only the mode of operation is temporarily shifted from physical to virtual.

Also, Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Ontario are expecting a rise in bankruptcy cases after and even during the outbreak. Many people have lost their jobs or got their hours reduced. They have bills to pay. For them, bankruptcy seems to be the only resort to start their financial life afresh and keep themselves sane despite being in an acute financial crisis.

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