7 Steps To Follow When Aiming to Find a Child Custody Attorney in Ontario

The situation surrounding a child custody dispute can be difficult, expensive, and emotionally demanding. Selecting the appropriate lawyer to defend your case may save you a lot of worries while deciding between full custody and every other weekend attendance. 

We will present a few pointers in this post to assist you in selecting your perfect child custody attorney in Ontario.


Step 1: Begin by perusing the lawyer section of your local yellow pages. This is the initial step toward locating a legal representative. Begin by compiling a list of lawyers in your region with all relevant contact details. Choose just those who specialize in family law.

Those who market bankruptcies and DUI issues are unlikely to be familiar with the family law issues you may need during your case.


Step 2: Contact your state bar organization to inquire about suggested family law professionals in your region. Comparing the list, you’ve been given to the list you’ve compiled using the yellow pages. While you’re there, remember to ask about any complaints filed against the candidates you’re considering.


Step 3: Consult with close friends and relatives to see whether they have ever used a child custody attorney. You may be able to obtain further suggestions as well as accounts this way.

You may also gather other referrals and reports of the interactions, whether they were happy with the work done and if they would engage the lawyer again because they’d have to do it all over again.


Step 4: Review your list and select the top three people you believe are most suited to the scenario. Please make contact with each of them to set up appointments. In most circumstances, you can acquire an important initial meeting.


Step 5: Sit down and list relevant questions for each applicant at your first meeting. Prepare to go into depth about your case’s details, and ensure to include comments about

concerning custody, alimony, maintenance, healthcare, trust money, and tax records.


Step 6: Bring a notebook and pen to each discussion and take notes. Please note how the attorney interacts with you and whether they are kind, professional, and engaged in the case’s particulars. Make sure you’re working with someone who inspires confidence in your case. You should also negotiate payment methods and costs ahead of time.


Step 7: After you’ve concluded your round of interviews, sit at the table and review each candidate’s remarks. Choose whatever aspects are crucial to you and go with the professional who provides them. Avoid making decisions based entirely on a budget since this may lead to regret.

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