Estate Planning Attorney Ontario A-Z Assistance For You While Planning

Most individuals dislike contemplating death. That’s very understandable. Nobody knows what the future will bring. Making estate arrangements now with an estate planning attorney in Ontario, while you can, is not only prudent; it is also critical to protecting your memories.


Who Requires Estate Planning?


7 Interview Questions for an Estate Planning Attorney


Many customers believe that only substantial estates require the preparation of an estate plan. In reality, regardless of the size of an estate, everybody (married or single) needs one. Why?


An estate plan is more than determining who will get your grandmother’s beloved silver tea set or the family house. Proper estate planning also includes your preferences for personal care if you become ill or disabled. It also avoids probate, which is a costly legal process.

When Should a Pre-Existing Plan Be Revised?


Those who have previously prepared an estate plan should have their documentation examined regularly. Not only does the law change, but life does as well. Children leave home to attend college. Property is bought and sold. Maintaining your trust guarantees that any massive changes in the law and your lifestyle are reflected, protecting your possessions and personal desires.


What exactly is an estate plan?


Estate planning extends beyond the preparation of a will, a standard legal document that details who deserves what (and how) after your demise. An estate plan names an executor who will administer your estate, settle bills, arrange final tax filings, distribute assets, and so forth.


Many estate designs contain the following:


Proclamation and Arrangement of Living Trust


Wills and Testaments


Advanced Medical DirectiveFinancial Lasting Power of Attorney


Trust Abstract Certification


Transfer Actual Property to Trust


A preliminary change of ownership report was filed with the county assessor’s office to prevent property ownership taxes.


What is the procedure?


Over the years in business, we have developed a very simplified estate planning procedure and prices that are affordable to our customers.


No existing clients, in our opinion, are alike. Estate plans aren’t either.


First, we’ll go through your goals and address any issues. Once we’ve identified a plan that meets your requirements, you’ll be given an all-inclusive fee to establish your estate plan.


The second stage is to review the paperwork we created on your behalf. We can send this documentation by mail, fax, or email, whatever is most appropriate for you. Any modifications will be included before the final papers are created.


The third phase is to sign the completed paperwork. At no extra cost, we supply witnesses and a Notary Public. We next process the forms after they have been signed, moving any real estate into your Living Trust to stop probate. You’ll get the papers for your records, and we’ll store the original versions for you at no additional cost.

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