Is Filing Bankruptcy Right For You?

Is bankruptcy the right choice?  Bankruptcy can help you and other honest, hard-working people get rid of burdensome debts and get bills under control. It can also do many other things like the following:

  • Stop garnishment.
  • Stop foreclosures.
  • Stop harassing phone calls.
  • Put a stop to collection agency abuse.
  • Prevent utility shut offs.
  • Stop car repossessions.
  • Get your car back after a repo.
  • Eliminate some income taxes.
  • Pay back child support.
  • Stop driver’s license suspensions.
  • Stop lawsuits.

How to get started.

You can start the process toward solving your financial problems and rebuilding the credit rating you deserve by calling me at 909 457-0163, emailing me at to arrange a free office or telephone consultation. I can also often answer questions by email. 

No Charge Bankruptcy Consultation:

I offer a free initial bankruptcy consultation by telephone or in person so that you can get your questions answered and make sure bankruptcy will work for you.  I can also often answer some questions by email if you do not feel comfortable calling. An initial consultation will usually last about one hour and during that time we will discuss the following things:

  • Why you are thinking about bankruptcy.
  • What property do you own and is that property at risk of being taken by a bankruptcy trustee.
  • What is your income.
  • Recent financial transactions
  • Will bankruptcy work for you.
  • The bankruptcy filing process.
  • Necessary information and documents to file bankruptcy
  • What to expect at your bankruptcy hearing
  • Fees and costs.
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