Probate and trust administration can be a long, drawn-out, complicated process in some cases. When you contact the Hedtke Law Firm, we will work hard to ease the burden of your matter and find swift resolutions. We will take the time to be thorough in the details of your matter. We will review the size of the estate and the beneficiaries to determine any potential roadblocks that may occur along the way.

Overly aggressive stances in probate law can sometimes end with neither party satisfied. That is why we work to find fair resolutions that will not drag you through difficult legal battles. We focus our practice on being consultants in your matter. We will be straightforward and thorough, giving you the benefit of more than 18 years of experience in legal and tax-related matters.

In California, if the value of a decedent’s estate is less than $150,000, a full-length probate administration may not be necessary. A summary administration can often be more cost-effective, efficient, and reasonable. The right legal course of action depends on the size of the estate involved. We can assist you in determining the legal procedures for the decedent’s estate and in handling all aspects of its administration. We represent personal representatives (executors and administrators), beneficiaries, and creditors as clients.

We can also guide you through the probate court for the administration of conservatorships, guardianships, and trusts. A conservatorship may be needed when a loved one is incapacitated or incapable of handling his or her own health needs, food, clothing, or shelter and there is no alternative legal means to assist such person. If this is the case, the court must appoint a conservator of the estate to make decisions regarding the property. A guardianship may be needed when a minor needs a legal custodian to care for the minor’s custodial needs and/or for the minor’s estate. Conservatorships and guardianships can often be sensitive subjects, and our experienced representation can make a difference.

While a Living trust is ordinarily prepared to avoid court entanglement, there are certain issues that may arise that require the trustee appear in probate court. We can assist you with all legal aspects of the trust administration to make the process easier for you.

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